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Keyline offers a wide range of services that intends to help the jewelry firms across the globe to enhance their efficiency and concentrate on their core operations. These services can be divided into the following areas:
  Account and Audits: Any business process revolves around money and it is highly essential to keep track of the cash flow in a business. The processes of accounting and auditing are very important in any Industry.
  Call Center: Customer Relationship Management is an important factor that sustains and helps the growth of a business. Every business needs an efficient system   to communicate with its customers. This platform should facilitate efficient understanding, analysis and implement the customer’s functional needs.
  Data Processing: Data is the heart of a business and processed data goes even beyond that. Every retailer and wholesaler needs a system that can process data in the form of bill of materials and purchase orders.
  Excel Development: There is no end to the utility of software applications that are being applied in the jewelry market.  Microsoft Excel – a powerful and dynamic tool – has always been underrated though it has several applications in the market apart from being a spreadsheet.
  Inventory Management: It is the dream of every business to be able to predict the stock requirement for a particular period of time. The right amount of inventory turn is one of the primary indicators of a healthy business because it means a positive cash flow.
  Manufacturing and Sourcing:In any business, your product is defined by its quality. In the jewelry business however, quality is the only thing that consumers look for; the surface finish, accuracy and design are parameters that count towards quality of the product.
  Management Information System: The jewelry market is the luxurious market in the world. It is usually the first to be affected by fluctuations in the world economy – the recent economic depression in the US which spread across to Europe and Asia was reflected in the jewelry market.
  Web Development: It has been almost a decade since businesses across the world shifted real-time operations to the World Wide Web, extending their reach to a wider audience. The digital presence of a business is ideally more lucrative than its real presence.
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