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  Management Information System:
"A marketing information system consists of people, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute needed, timely, and accurate information to marketing decision makers."
Philip Kotler

The jewelry market is the luxurious market in the world. It is usually the first to be affected by fluctuations in the world economy – the recent economic depression in the US which spread across to Europe and Asia was reflected in the jewelry market. A well-managed organization sails through fluctuations with ease. An efficient Management Information System (MIS) is indispensible for efficiently run organizations. A good MIS application involves three resources – information, people and technology for efficient operation and understanding of the system.


MIS can help a business with –

  • Data collection and storage, leading to analysis
  • Costing and strategy development
  • Decision-making (one of the biggest differences between IS and MIS)
  • Interlinking with other operational systems in the business
  • System automation and control
  • Reporting and  visual representation
  • Payroll management and sales tracking systems (embedded in MIS)
  • Comprehensive employee assessment system
  • Inventory control and supply chain management
  • Customer relationship management systems and project management

We, at Keyline, understand MIS and have crafted it into a comprehensive information system that can monitor, report and analyze all other embedded systems. We strive to enable automation for an  organization’s key tasks. The jewelry business is extensive and the business modules are typically hard to manage. Our experience and expertise in this field for over a decade has helped us identify  the much-required strategies that contribute to  a system that  stores and analyzes data and also runs your business flawlessly.

We categorize our systems into two interdependent systems (that can also work as standalone modules) – business system and product system. While the former caters to the business wing like management systems, employee and customer relations, the latter accommodates modules that would not only let you help in inventory and supply management but also assist you with product manufacturing, costing and marketing.

Our MIS can take care of individual project management on a case-by-case basis, help organizations in self-analysis and realize their strengths and weaknesses.

We aim to deliver a system to you that will  provide you with the data that you need, assess how things are going, provide reports as to why they are lagging or leading the targets and aid you with decision making in separate modules.

Our team of professionals can help you in re-engineering your business modules and product life cycle with a Management Information System.

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