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  Manufacturing and Sourcing:

In any business, your product is defined by its quality. In the jewelry business however, quality is the only thing that consumers look for; the surface finish, accuracy and design are parameters that count towards quality of the product. A piece of jewelry is not only going to be in contact with a person’s body, but would go to show his/her mettle. Therefore, it is necessary for your business to choose the right manufacturing partners who have an admirable level of manufacturing operations and strive to produce quality jewelry designs.

It can be quite hard to find a manufacturing partner who lives up to your expectations and defines quality the same way as you do. We, at Keyline, understand the different problems that your business is faced with; we scout around and prepare customized lists of prospective manufacturing partners in response to your functional and manufacturing requirements. Our experience and expertise in the market enable us to locate the right partners that you can collaborate with to improve your product quality.

Keyline helps you with your supply chain management and the integration of vendor processes in your supply chain. We understand the importance of regular audit checks and selection of the right vendor to meet the requirement for product mix and pricing. Selecting the right vendor to maximize profit margins can be hard – this is where we render our help and also make sure that you are propelled to an advantageous position in the competition in the market place.

We help you concentrate on your core businesses by assisting you with the planning and management of resources, manufacturing and process flow.  We offer our help in extensive production planning and scheduling to make sure that the operations are carried out smoothly. Our team of experts possesses the experience in this field to decide on optimizing processes to provide the maximum efficiency and resource utilization. Further, Keyline can help you with accommodating time and resources when your business grows in volume.

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