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KRITNo matter what the size and nature of the retail business is, every retail faces the challenge of product presentation that best serves customer needs. This is especially relevant in the jewelry business. The fluctuating demand for luxury goods, varying fashion trends and even changing consumer preferences could prove to be major setbacks in the business of a jewelry retailer. This is where our breakthrough service KRIT (Keyline Retail Intelligence Tool) comes in. Everything your jewelry business needs to serve and attract customers is provided by this tool—right from information pertaining to the behavior and movement of customers in the store to their varying demands.


The need for KRIT

The jewelry market is more volatile than any other business, and it has always been so. Due to its dependency on varied factors like the price of raw materials, fashion, and customer demand, the business can witness rapid ups and downs even within a single year.

The recent financial crisis compelled the jewelry industry to undertake a series of market analyses to reassess purchasing power in the post-recession scenario. The existing Merchandise Assortment Plans had to be modified to make space for a more customer-centric module.

KRIT is a comprehensive and scientific system that blends consumer centricity with financial analysis. It considers an extensive range of parameters like dynamic demand and supply information, location attributes, product line information, performance in the past, current trends, and spending power of people in a locality and aligns them with the financial objectives of the business. Based on this data it charts out a feasible, consumer-oriented merchandise assortment plan for your business.


Why choose KRIT?

As the adage “The customer is king” aptly puts it, your business owes itself to your customers. Your customers define your business and create a reputation for it. To be successful, your business must be flexible enough to change with your customers’ changing demands. KRIT is the only business intelligence tool that empowers you not just to do what you do better, but to change your approach to cater to the needs of your customer base, while continually attracting more customers.


KRIT key features:

Merchandise Sales & Operations Finance Management
Consumer Centricity Margin Analysis at Store Level Financial Analysis Trend Analysis
Sales Analysis Cluster Performance Store Performance Plan V/S Actual
GAP Analysis Advertising ROI    
Assortment Planning      
Vendor Performance      
Inventory Management      
Stock Balancing      
Product Testing      
Catalogue Impact      

Do you need more than just data?

Being in the field and analyzing the market for an extended period, can give you all the necessary data, but does it give you the edge to get ahead of the competition? Business intelligence is not just about possessing chunks of data, but also about harnessing its potential to elevate your position in the market. That is exactly what KRIT does. Not only does it access data from the extensive analysis reports that our team provides, but also uses the data to predict the market, consumer behavior, trends and demands, and applies it to recommend changes to your approach. This allows you to examine the functional gap between your business ambition and the current position of your business, and facilitates your taking the right steps to bridge the gap.

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