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  Excel Development:

There is no end to the utility of software applications that are being applied in the jewelry market.  Microsoft Excel – a powerful and dynamic tool – has always been underrated though it has several applications in the market apart from being a spreadsheet. If you are looking to custom design your own Excel spreadsheet for your office use, you have come to the right place. Our team of software experts will identify your functional requirements and build a custom Excel sheet that caters to all your needs and strive to make your work easier. It is a fact that most companies use only 12% of the array of features available in Excel.


Why would people opt for Microsoft Excel when there are more advanced software development kits in the market? The reasons:

  • The simplicity and user-friendly interface provides for ease-of-use.
  • Data segmentation can be done not only in sheets but also in workbooks.
  • Cell address and reference can be implemented between sheets also.
  • Interlinking of data groups between two different fields becomes easier.
  • Packaged functions and programming kits make it easier for high-end programming.
  • Recording with macros can iterate the same operations every time the sheet is opened.
  • The dynamic functions in Excel provide for an easier market prediction.
  • Inbuilt charts and graphs make it easier for visual representation of data.

Our experience in the jewelry field has revealed to us the daily issues that most retailers and wholesalers face; however, we also possess the expertise and the human resources to overcome the problem of daily accounting, record entry, calculations, market and sales forecast with the help of our custom-design Excel workbooks.

While the interface appears as a mere spreadsheet, an in-depth view of the software would enable you to understand the different mechanics of the spreadsheet and the features it provides. It has been estimated that over 45% of all accounting and mathematical functions can be automated, thereby facilitating your business. Excel features such as pivot tables, macros and the customizable functions are used by us to completely automate all the processes in your business.

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