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  Data Processing:

Data is the heart of a business and processed data goes even beyond that. Every retailer and wholesaler needs a system that can process data in the form of bill of materials and purchase orders. The high costs associated with the jewelry products and the constant inflow of orders necessitates the presence of an error-free system that can simplify the task of creating purchase documents by getting data from a spreadsheet and creating these documents based on a template. Since these itemized reports are present in the day-to-day operations of a jewelry business, it becomes important to create a template and an associated system that makes the process easier.

Automatic generation of a report number, purchase order key and a stock-key unit number are all essential so that you do not lose track of the sales that have been made in a period of time. We, at Keyline, have been in the business for decades and we understand the accounting system and data processing mechanics to a great extent. We provide a system for back office support which takes care of filing reports and bill of materials and creating purchase orders under a single key value so that it becomes easier for you to search on the value. Right from converting the requirements into an order to finishing the sales order processing, we take care of everything in the cycle.

Our team at the back office support is extremely trained in sales processes and can work efficiently. This not only leaves you to handle your core operations but also help reduce your operational cost.

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