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Customer Relationship Management is an important factor that sustains and helps the growth of a business. Every business needs an efficient system   to communicate with its customers. This platform should facilitate efficient understanding, analysis and implement the customer’s functional needs. The simplest equation ever conceived by man was “Nurturing customers = success”. Your customers need to feel that they are valued if they want to continue doing business with you. The customer-business relationship is not symbiotic.  The general tendency of a rejected or unsatisfied customer is to find your competitor. To achieve excellence in the jewelry market, it is important to retain your customers. Unlike other businesses, a single purchase by a priority customer could land you far ahead of your competitors.

This is where call centers and BPOs come in – they are the most efficient way of staying in touch with your customers and understanding their requirements. Scientists have proved that oral communication is the most desired and reliable form of communication that can be established between a consumer and a vendor. Call centers have the potential to optimize oral communication.


Some ways in which call centers benefit your business and propel you forward are:

  • Act as a professional extension for the Client
  • Increases the factor of professional presence from a customer’s perspective
  • Facilitate a better channel of communication and immediate responses
  • Speed up the processes of data procurement, analysis and implementation
  • Establish a firm customer-business relationship
  • Segment your customer base in a  way that makes them feel valued
  • Increase the prospect of cross-selling and up-selling
  • Reduce customer attrition and increases customer loyalty

Many jewelry businesses may not have the workforce and the infrastructure for a customer service desk. This is where we step in and take the pressure of managing a call center with the best resources.


What makes us better?

In the tide of rising businesses, we, at Keyline, understand that specialization and catering to a specific field and the associated market is important. Not only do we provide the resources required for a call center but we make sure that we equip them with everything they need to be able to assist our clients with the volume of calls, type of calls, the technical aspects and the logistics involved.

Our team consists of professional individuals with  experience in the jewelry business who understand the mechanics of the market. We understand that the probability of a customer forming a first impression of a business is through the communication with a representative of the company. So we ensure that the linguistic skills, professional integrity and courtesy of our team is high. Further, our team possesses the technical skills to communicate details of orders, delivery status and handle complaints in an efficient way.

We handle both inbound and outbound calls at our offshore centers. We provide our workforce with extensive training modules that not only improves their communication skills but also instills in them an understanding of your product line and the concepts of up-selling and cross-selling (if you have multiple businesses and product lines). Moreover, we make sure that our team has the nuances of product placement and marketing skills to complete a sales process.

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